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Make more possible with your donation!

Regardless of what cause is closest to your heart: your donation is given to the project in full, no matter what! The Schwabe Group covers all of the administrative costs of the Umckaloabo Foundation. As a result, the full amount of your support benefits young people in Africa.

Please select the project you would like to support, the amount and the payment frequency in the donation form.

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Our bank-transfer information for your donations:

Umckaloabo Foundation – für eine gesunde Zukunft
IBAN: DE32 4006 0265 0017 0333 00
BIC / Swift code: GENODEM1DKM

DKM Darlehnskasse Muenster eG



Please indicate your street address if you would like a receipt.

We are grateful for every donation and thank all of you who have contributed on behalf of the children and adolescents in southern Africa.

The Umckaloabo Foundation has been formally established as a charitable organization by the German revenue service under Finanzamt Karlsruhe tax ID 34002/38786. Donations are thus tax-deductible within the given fiscal framework.

At the end of every calendar year, you will automatically receive a confirmation of your donations.

A great gift idea at long last…

Birthdays, weddings, Christmas — have you run out of ideas about what to give as a gift? Are you looking for an alternative to physical presents? At your next celebration, why not request donations to the Umckaloabo Foundation instead of gifts? Invite your guests to do their part to support educational work in Africa by setting up a collection box or sharing bank-transfer information. You can enjoy your celebration, and children in Africa will have greater prospects for a good future!