AFRICA RUNNERS – Looking forward to autumn

Eine Läuferin als Africa Runner beim B2Run-Lauf.

The 2024 Africa Runners 2024 have already raised €20,000 in donations for our “School in Africa”! And this fall there will be many more opportunities to lace up your running shoes and join in.

MALAWI - Volunteering at St. Mauritius Secondary School

Ein Freiwilliger aus Deutschland mit Schülern der St. Ignatius-Schule

Two volunteers from Germany are each spending a few months on site working on Umckaloabo Foundation projects. The main focus of their time is coming into contact with different people and learning from each other.

MALAWI – Project visit opens up horizons

Die Schülerinnen der Lunyangwa-Primarschule präsentieren einen zeremoniellen Tanz

In spring 2024, a group of dedicated people became the first to visit the Foundation’s projects in Malawi. The itinerary included time with the Scouts, the Chipunga coffee farm, schools we support, and a flood zone where we provided aid.

MALAWI – Building the St Steven’s secondary school

Bishop Martin and guest from Germany dedicate the cornerstone of St. Steven's Secondary School

Construction can now begin on St. Steven’s school thanks to the approval of a subsidy from the German Federal Ministry For Economic Cooperation And Development and the Umckaloabo Foundation.

SOUTH AFRICA – Breaking ground for a bright future

Groundbreaking for the new Montessori daycare center in Walmer Township, South Africa

Breaking ground! In April 2024 construction will be begin for the new Montessori preschool at the Masifunde educational center.

SOUTH AFRICA – Schwabe employees supporting a daycare center in the Eastern Cape

Boy with a scooter at Sizamile Educare creche

Travelers to South Africa spontaneously initiate a fund-raising drive for a daycare center in the Eastern Cape.

KILIMANJARO – Collecting donations at the highest of heights

Four mountaineers from Karlsruhe with their mountain guides at the summit of Kilimanjaro

A remarkable fundraising project! The sensational sum of €7,000 came together thanks to the four-person team of Karlsruhe mountain climbers who made it to the top of Kilimanjaro. 

ZAMBIA - St. Francis Pre-school is growing

Drei Kinder an der St. Francis-Vorschule halten das Banner der Umckaloabo-Stiftung hoch.

The Umckaloabo Foundation's long-standing project partner in Zambia, Sister Loice Kashangura, has once again initiated an impressive project: The St. Francis preschool is currently being built in Lusaka!

GOOD ideas for Christmas presents

Vier Jugendliche mit Weihnachtsmützen grüßen von der St. Mauritius-Sekundarschule.

For the holidays, many people who want to make their loved ones happy – but with thoughtful gifts which do good.