Schülergruppe im Klassenzimmer mit zwei Volunteers


Volunteers have been spending between three weeks and twelve months in Lusaka, Zambia since 2018. They have taught and looked after children at the schools and day-care centers of the Franciscans, developed and updated the website, and took on a wide range of other tasks.

Montserrat Bibián

Montse Bibián from Spain spent three weeks in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, with Sister Loice Kashangura and the Franciscans.

Volunteer mit Schülern

The German-language blog of Jan Gajewski ,who volunteered for a year in Zambia in 2018/2019, offers a closer look at the reality of life in a big city such as Lusaka as well as the encouraging work done by and with the Franciscan sisters.

Volunteer mit Kindern

Ashley Stevens spent three months of her university studies volunteering in Lusaka in 2018, and she had profound experiences which she describes here.


Volunteer mit Kindern

Susanne Kümmerlin spent time in Lusaka at the age of 51 and applied her professional and life experience to the projects.

More information can be found at the website of the St. Francis and Clare Secondary School.

We will continue to help dedicated people volunteer their time in Lusaka, Zambia. Other programs which facilitate international volunteer work are the weltwärts program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Weltdienst 30+ program by the Senior Expert Service.

Südafrika Straßenszene


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Vier kleine Kinder nebeneinander


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