Klassenfoto der Schulabgänger aus Malawi

Scholarships in Malawi

St. Ignatius Secondary School in Nthalire, Malawi

Receiving an education is a human right. And yet for many children in northern Malawi, good schooling is nothing more than a dream. Sometimes the nearest school is 80 km away, which makes it inaccessible. A boarding school would be a good solution, but subsistence farmers in this region cannot afford such things.

In 2017, we opened a new school, St. Ignatius, in Nthalire, northern Malawi. This was the first step and the cornerstone for a proper education. Bu we will not have succeeded until many children here can attend school for many years. Our goal is to make a special point of reaching children from poor families who live far away. By staying at the boarding school, children can also concentrate on their studies outside of social circumstances which can be challenging.

Student at St. Ignatius secondary school carrying a chair over her head

Opportunities instead of poverty

Your sponsorship allows a child in need to attend day school or boarding school at St. Ignatius. Your support will give them the chance to break the cycle of poverty by receiving proper schooling.

As a sponsor for a child in Malawi, your annual donation of 468 euros will cover most of the costs for your scholarship recipient’s room and board, books and tuition so the child can attend St. Ignatius Secondary School. This allows many children to take advantage of the otherwise unattainable opportunity to live and study at St. Ignatius.

The first scholarships began in 2019. All of the scholarship students in the first class of recipients successfully completed the demanding school-leaving exam which is the equivalent of a baccalaureate. Scholarships made it possible for children to consistently continue attending school.

The first graduates of St. Ignatius Secondary School in Malawi

Your sponsorship

As a sponsor, your support of €468 a year (which equals 39 euros a month) will cover the fees which allow a child to attend St. Ignatius Secondary School. With this sum, you are covering 80% of the full tuition fees of €585. The school asks the parents to cover the remaining 20%. Your contribution is thus a way to help people help themselves: it allows parents send their children to school but still asks them to bear some responsibility as well. Both the school and the diocese endorse this approach.

To give the school children a certain amount of security, the scholarship initially lasts for one year. Even though we hope that your scholarship will turn into a long-term commitment, you are free to end your financial support at any time after this first year. 

Yes, I will sponsor a student in Malawi for at least a year!

You can transfer your donation the bank account listed below or use the enclosed donation form.

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Please indicate “Malawi scholarship” as the purpose along with your name.
If you need a receipt for your donation, please provide your address in the comment field.

Interview with Father John Moyo

In the following video sequences, Father John Moyo, the founder of St. Ignatius of Loyola Boarding Secondary School, explains in an interview the most important facts about the school in Nthalire. You will get an overview of the structure of the school and the students, how a good school education offers perspectives for the future in this poorest part of Malawi is – and why your sponsorship is so important.

The school in Nthalire

The value of school education

The selection of students

The selection committee

The selection criteria

The situation of sponsored students

The value of a scholarship

What is expected from the sponsored students

How funds are monitored


Our dream

The situation in Malawi