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Our projects

Projects supported by the Umckaloabo Foundation are designed to provide powerful inspiration and motivate young people to take their future into their own hands.

Pfadfinder umarmt in einer Reihe

Scouts in Malawi

Following the template of the Scouts in South Africa, we are now supporting the expansion of Scouts troops in Malawi.

Junge Frau prüft Stromkabel an einer Wand

Vocational training in Africa

The Umckaloabo Foundation promotes modern vocational training in Africa to make it easier for young people to start their adult lives.

Spielende Kinder vor einem Kindergarten

Day-care centers

We support early education in Eastern Cape via the Samara Foundation.

Zwei Schüler pflanzen einen Baum

Trees In Africa

School children in Africa plant fruit trees — and everyone benefits.

Schülergruppe im Klassenzimmer mit zwei Volunteers


Volunteers of all ages at work in Lusaka, Zambia.

Pfadfinderzentrum Nelspruit

Scouts training center

Building the Scout Center in South Africa was the first major project managed by the Umckaloabo Foundation.

Fröhliche Kinder auf einer Wippe

Mants'ase home for children, Lesotho

Currently some 50 children live in the Mants’ase home, and without this place they would hardly be able to survive.

Masifunde Chor

Supporting education in Masifunde

Masifunde offers educational programs to young people with the greatest need.

Junge mit Stuhl auf dem Kopf


Your sponsorship allows a child in need to attend school.

Schüler im Eingang der Makululu School

A School in Africa

We support schools which offer young students a greater perspective for their future. 

Small children holding letters of Thank You


100% of your contributions goes to the projects.