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Vocational training in Africa

To commemorate its tenth anniversary, the Umckaloabo Foundation has strengthened its commitment to vocational education in Africa. We are supporting a project which began in 2020 and is slated to run for three years; we are sponsoring the network Don Bosco Tech Africa (DBTA) with a total of €480,000. For better education. And better perspectives.

By offering future-oriented vocational training and contemporary methods, we want to help young people in Africa attain high-quality vocational education which would not otherwise be readily accessible to them. 

But proper vocational training not only means that each person who pursues it is taking steps towards an independent future: it also plays a major part in national economies when it comes to development and fighting poverty.

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A powerful network

The DBTA network invests in functional infrastructure and technical equipment so it can offer disadvantaged young people excellent vocational training and as well as personal development. It is launching new programs at the vocational-training centers with a special focus on green technologies.

Future-forward training

The Salesians in Africa have networked their more than 100 vocational-education centers under a powerful umbrella organization, Don Bosco Tech Africa. Together our efforts have assisted some 27,000 young people and 1,200 teachers and trainers who are undergoing professional and educational training. 

Theory and practice hand in hand

These cooperative endeavors with companies play an important part from the very outset so that young people can gain practical experience during their training and get to know potential employers. Closely linking theory and practice with market orientation increase the young people’s chances of finding a job. Don Bosco also supports trainees in finding work.

Modern vocational training in Africa: Solar technology
Training as a tailor at DB Tech Africa

A lasting impact

A project of this magnitude deserves our support well beyond our anniversary year of 2020. The Foundation will continue to sponsor the project after 2020 as well.  — because as always, we want to have a lasting impact. 

Never change a winning team

Our tried-and-true approach has been to implement large-scale projects with a dependable and experienced partner on site. Inspired by our positive experiences in the past few years, we are looking forward to continuing our good work with the Salesians in Africa and the Don Bosco Mondo organization, which has a long background in promoting vocational education.

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