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Coffee from Malawi is especially fascinating to us because these plants can open up a long-term path out of poverty and a lack of opportunities. In northern Malawi, one of the poorest regions on earth, we want to offer people a way to take control of their future. 

At the moment, Bishop Martin relies upon donations from Europe and North America to finance his projects in the fields of education and health, since the local population lives hand to mouth and has no prospects of finding well-paid work. The changes in climatic conditions in Malawi make it even harder to survive than it has been in previous years.  

Bishop Martin at Chipunga Farm in Malawi

This is why we took the initiative and acquired a farm with some 440 acres: the intention is to grow coffee and macadamia nuts so they can be sold on the world market. Experts who have sampled local products have told us that the quality of this specialty coffee is very good. We assume that a larger amount of the raw beans will first be available in Germany in the fall of 2024 and can then be processed by local roasters. 

Our goal: 10,000 coffee plants

We want to support the initiative by expanding the farm. 10,000 additional coffee plants can yield their first fruits beginning in late 2025. The profits from selling these beans will make a major contribution towards funding work in education and health, and this in turn will reduce dependency on donations from Europe. 

Coffee seedlings at Chipunga Farm in Malawi

Furthermore, the many small farmers in the region are to be trained in improving the quality of their coffee and increasing the yield of their plant. They will receive access to additional processing phases and international markets so they no longer have to rely on Chinese brokers who often underpay them.

A man examines a coffee bush at Chipunga Farm in Malawi
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We promote the academic and personal development of children and young people. 

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