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Why your support matters

Scholarships offer perspectives

A scholarship will help children from poor families in southern Africa receive a solid school education.

Our schools open the door for young people there to have a good school education, vocational training — and a future! It is also a sign of hope for the community when the younger generation has the opportunity to take their lives into their own hands.

Students at our schools often come from an environment marked by poverty. Frequently there is not enough money for school uniforms or textbooks, but the children are highly motivated and want to take advantage of their opportunity! 

The Umckaloabo Foundation gives children and young people a way to attend school as a scholarship recipient. If you would like to accompany young people along this journey, please support them with a scholarship.

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Sponsor a child in Malawi!

The St. Ignatius School in Nthalire, Malawi, is one piece of the educational mosaic in a poor remote region. Some children have to travel 80 km each way to get to school! They can only receive a school education if they can attend a boarding school. 
When you become a sponsor, your contribution of only 35 euros a month will cover the costs of room, board, books and tuition for a child. This will let a child in Nthalire attend school.

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Our scholarship program in Zambia

There have been scholarships for children in Zambia since 2019 which give children a reliable foundation for attending school.

We thank all of the sponsors for their support.

Read more here about what we have achieved in Zambia with your assistance.