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Mants'ase home for children in Lesotho

Currently some 50 children live in the Mants’ase home, and without this place they would hardly be able to survive on their own. Most of the children are orphans who lost their parents to HIV / AIDS or tuberculosis. Many of them have been abandoned and have experienced violence and abuse.

The home not only gives children a place to stay and regular meals: it also offers them the stable social structure of a large family. House mothers take care of the children and express parental warmth.

Fröhliche Kindergruppe

Often the most basic necessities are lacking at the Mants‘ase home for children: electricity, water, food and clothing. The Umckaloabo Foundation offers regular support to ensure that basic needs are met.

One example of the desperately needed support the Foundation offers is school uniforms. In Lesotho, uniforms can be seen as the “admission ticket” to attending school; without them, children cannot take part in classes. The Umckaloabo Foundation donated a uniform to every child and secured their school education — the key to a better future.

Spielende Kinder unter einem Baum
Drei Kinder sitzen vor einem Haus

To create a solid and independent basis for the home in the years ahead, it is also extremely important for its finances and organization to be managed by experienced leadership. The Umckaloabo Foundation is working to make sure that this position is staffed on a long-term basis.

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